Tim Peaks Diner


So there I was, at Kendal Calling, in Tim Peaks, having a coffee – as you do – when this guy wanders over and we got chatting. He was knocked out by our groovy diner and was asking if he could help out at all. Turns out he worked for Alfa Romeo and they were big fans of coffee, loved music and had a good eye for design. It took us about 15 minutes to come up with a plan.

At around the same time, I’d been talking with Pete Fowler – artist, Seahawk and generally lovely bloke – to see if there was another project we could work on. I’d released a record by his band, he’d remixed a track for me and I’d played a gig with them as their bass player.

Tim Peaks Cup Design

Completely compostable and recyclable eco cup made by Vegware
Tim Peaks had gone a bit crazy in the last year and this summer it’s going to be at The Isle of Wight Festival, Kendal Calling and Festival Number 6 – we’d served nearly a thousand cups of coffee at Kendal Calling. All in cups that were given to us by the Yorkshire tea gang

So, we just put it all together. What we needed was our very own Tim Peaks cup: Recyclable, compostable and with Pete’s signature style all over it. What more could you want from your cup/ cuppa?

The Alfa Romeo people loved the idea and we all met up to plot some plans. Pete was drawn to the serpent in the Alfa Romeo logo – he’s rather fond of monsters – so that’s where the design would start. I’d be turned into a cartoon and we’d raise some money for charity. Things were coming together nicely…

Tim Peaks Cups

Completely compostable and recyclable eco cup made by Vegwar

Pete and I had a meet up, for coffee of course, discussed some ideas and then Pete worked his magic. Cue a Hollywood montage of sketching, throwing bits of paper over shoulders, nibbling on pencils and pointing ‘idea fingers’ into the air in delight and here we are. The Tim Peaks Cuppa-Coffee is born!

Now Tim Peaks not only has super coffee, it’s got super festival cups to put the coffee in. They’ll be the standard issue cup from the Tim Peaks Diner at festivals this summer and they’re also for sale through TimPeaks.com. Profits are going to The David Lynch Foundation. And do you know what? I think our coffee tastes rather lovely out of them.

Watch out! Contents may be piping hot. ; )



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